Impromptu is a new vocal group based out of Indianapolis, Indiana. Formed in 2017 from local Indianapolis vocalists, Impromptu delivers a smooth and rich sound from their R&B, jazz and soul influences, creating fresh and unique performances of current and throwback hits of the last 2 decades.


awards & performances


VoiceJam 2018 in Fayatteville Arkansas: Grand Champions

Voicejam 2018: Best Solo (Edric Mitchell)

Varsity Vocals Open Midwest Semifinals 2018: Best Choreography (Andrea Greene & Sam Doub)

Notable Performances

2018 Exhibition Performer at Vocal Asia A Cappella Cup in Hsinchu, Taiwan

2018 Opening Act at the Circle of Lights Holiday Show in Downtown Indianapolis (live audience of over 100,000)

2019 Opening Act for Disney's DCappella at Clowes Memorial Hall

2019 Professional Showcase Performance at Boston Sings (BOSS) in Arlington, Massachusetts

2019 Showcase Performer at the National A Cappella Convention in Memphis, Tennessee

2019 Moscow Spring A Cappella Festival Competitor

2019 Moscow Spring A Cappella Festival

2019 Moscow Spring A Cappella Festival



"Where Arranging and Choreography Meet"

Choreography/staging is one of the most controversial points in the a cappella world. In this class we would impart the way that we choose our movement or lack their of, and how this has evolved over the years.

"Beyond The Technical: Delivering an Impactful Performance"

Storytelling, emotion, passion. We would walk through our process when crafting an impactful/emotional performance. Letting the audience in. Sometimes making the audience feel something is more important than being technically perfect.

"Finding Your Sound"

We as a vocal group break the mold in many ways. From our personalities to our very different tone/timbre. The future of vocal music is innovative. Through this class we would teach finding blend, and finding your place in the ensemble.

Circle of Lights performance, November 2018

Circle of Lights performance, November 2018


What People Are Saying

Impromptu’s music combines tasteful arrangement with top-notch singing to create a sonic experience that will remind you just how incredible vocal music can be.
— Alex Adkins, Producer, The Vocal Company
Impromptu has allll the sauce! From smooth to powerful they give you what you need musically and vocally!
— J. None, Member of VoicePlay
I just discovered a gem in the Midwest a cappella scene... Impromptu from Indianapolis closed the show at LocalVocal Chicago and I was absolutely blown away! This mixed-voice octet has a blend that is nothing short of sublime, with arrangements that are truly inventive and engaging. They are anchored by a tight rhythm section, and they are stocked with six soulful upper voices. A special shout out to high-tenor Edric Mitchell whose rendition of “Attention” by Charlie Puth was my favorite performance of the entire evening! I can see why Impromptu has quickly built an impressive resumé, most notably as the 2018 VoiceJam champions. Keep your eye on this group - 2019 will likely be the year when Impromptu becomes known to a cappella fans everywhere!
— David Wilner, Producer of LocalVocal Chicago for CASA
Asian Cup A Cappella Competition in Hsinchu, Taiwan

Asian Cup A Cappella Competition in Hsinchu, Taiwan


Who We’ve Worked With